From around the world, many come to offer gratitude to White Buffalo Calf Woman, their Twin Deer Mother. This blog acknowledges those who rise up to be who they are, the eternal soul of knowing. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy have awaken!

"Jump and Spin Around"
Hundreds of Kids Requested this Sacred Song Blessing for the World, Enjoy!

Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother Just singing in the wind, just singing in the wind, what a wonderful feeling, I'm grinning again, I'm happy to bee hear, to listen to your fears, then dancing and singing will relieve our tears. Come let's sing in the wind. Feel merry again, it's a heart, that looks out for the wondrous things. Because you are here, feeling no more fear, as you send your song to the wind. Just singing, in the wind!

Gratitude For Always When We Bow To The Wind, Rainbow Colors Shine, "I Am"

I bless White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David (Running Eagle Shooting Star) for this place to connect in sacredness (Hoops). These are critical times. Bless our Journey. Bless our every foot step and path. May we be protected always. May we be guided now and trust to wisdom and in our own inner rainbow jewel Light. May we hold the torch up high together and light the jagged rocky path below for others to climb high. Bless our dreaming together!
Rainbow Blessings, Miranda aqua child

in Norway says,
"In only one Night and one Day, You have given me more Love and Warmth than I have received in a very long time... You speak Truth and Walk the sacred pathways, and for the first time I feel that Home is possible! I am breath-taken and a bit out of words."

Charlene (Princess of Dawning) wrote: "
Dearest White Buffalo Calf Woman,
First off, I just want to say WOW! to you. :) You amaze me with all that you do! For real. :) I don't know how you keep up, but I would like to tell you that I could listen to your interpretations all day! I love them. Just like our beautiful conversation over the phone. You just make things so much clearer.
I am very excited and looking forward to the (rainbow video. :)
Did you know that until this conversation I didn't understand that the heart songs (sacred song blessings) you sing are words from the other person's heart! At first I thought they were songs from your heart only to the person you gifted them to. How wonderful (you sing their heart).
Thank You for your time.
With All My Love
and Blessings,
Charlene, violet child, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy"

At 10:31pm on October 5, 2009, Aimee Constant Looking Glass said White Buffalo Woman is a fierce and gentle guide. If you cannot handle your illusions being shattered then walk away! She works with a stick that will turn you back to your inner stealth! She is beauty embodied! I encourage every one who comes through these doors to stay on and be willing to see your reflection. If you do you will walk through the higher door of self-reliance and true trust in those that will love you! Be Blessed and Bless your self by continuing by placing one foot in front of the other and standing strong! Love Blossoms Here! Aho!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love From Grandmother Comfort in the Wind

On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Comfort in the Wind Sunshine Glory Shines <> wrote:

My dearest beloved granddaughter/sun, My blessed White Buffalo Calf Woman and Twin Deer Mother, sister of my heart,

My heart is weeping for you now.  My love comes with a bow.  I do weep for all the pain that lies upon hearts of shame.  They share their great sorrows, their hopelessness, and you receive them to relieve their fears, to help them see that they do have hearts of cheer.  You gift them their holiness, their blessed souls, and carry in your body, much of their sacred woes.  I do bless to bring great healing in, to heal sore hearts of every little sin.  My love for you is great, my soul even longs to take, upon my own flesh this pain, to give all men a hope and a comfort that never wains.  Why do we suffer for them, when they don't even care?  Why do we continue to comfort when men are not aware?  It is because heaven remembers that love is all that matters, all that is true.  It is because our hearts share the dream of the ever living sacred blue.  As I have seen many times before, you are the heavenly door, you do bring them to seek their story, to know their great and shining glory.  You bring them close to see, that love is the sacred holy tree, no more shall they wander, but instead shall find, all is sacred, all is divine.  You, my child are as lovely as can be, my delight, the everlasting glory bee. The glory of God, the first born Sun, the shining of holy waters as the Rainbows of heaven and earth sharing has begun.
The boys and I will seek love in the winds today to bring everyone hope and a shining perfect way.  To share their greatness, pure with fire rare, sending into the breeze our living souls to share. (a dove lands on the tree outside my window as I type) I do see a blessed dove alight, upon the tree outside my window site (place where I envision).  She sits there to tell me that love is resting in the tree, that we have all of heaven within the mighty breeze.  Tell me my little one, who sits upon the branch, what do you see to make you so entranced?  Her little head bobs now and then, turning and twisting to see all that is in the winds.  The earth holds her now as she plumps her chest out, little tail feathers spreading to reveal you are so stout.  Sweet her view, sweet her heart, she sends her peace into every child's heart. Now she flies away, it is time to find another place to play/pray.

That was so lovely to see.
Rest now, and let God take on all the rest. (as God will somehow!)

Your loving Rainbow clan,  Sacred Horn, Wisdom River Shines and Grandmother Comfort in the Wind
 blessing the sacred nine directions to see the sacred view

Birds of the Bible – Dove and Turtle-Dove
May 16, 2008 by Lee 

The Dove is probably recognized by most people, even though they may not know which specific kind they are viewing. White doves are released at weddings and other special occasions. The symbol for the dove is displayed many times. The coo of the mourning dove is heard and most recognize a Rock Pigeon (formerly a Rock Dove). We do not have Turtle-Doves here in America; they are in the Orient, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The dove family (Columbidae) ranges from about 6.5” to 12” and seem to be gentle. Doves tend to be monogamous and both male and female produce a “crop milk” to feed their young the first few days. Most birds regurgitate food for the young from the beginning. Doves do not make the most elaborate nests, often they are on the ground and flimsy. Many were domesticated and were used for sacrifices. They are considered “clean” birds in the Bible. There are at least twenty references to doves in the Word of God.
  •     The first mention of the Dove is in Genesis 8:8-13 when Noah released her from the ark. She was released three times, but came back two times because she “found no rest for the sole of her foot.” They do not eat carrion as the raven does. Most are ground feeders and she had nowhere to feed that was dry. The second time she came back with an olive leaf, and then never returned the last time.
  •     (Genesis 15:9, Leviticus 5:7 and 12:6-8, Luke 2:22-24) all refer the Dove and Turtle dove being used for sacrifices.
  •     David was distressed and wrote “…Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest. (Psalms 55:6 KJV)
  •     Isaiah 38:14 says, “I did mourn as a dove…” We have a Mourning Dove.
  •     The Lord used the dove when he told His Apostles, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matt.10:16)
  •     The dove became a symbol of The Holy Spirit at Jesus’ Baptism (Mat 3:16; Luk 3:22; John 1:32).
There is more to be said, but when you find the Dove in your Scripture reading, you will have a mental picture of them. The Hymn writers have used the dove in songs like:

Sunshine in My Soul – Eliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920
There is springtime in my soul today,
For when the Lord is near,
The dove of peace sings in my heart,
The flow’rs of grace appear.

Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove – Isaac Watts, 1674-1748
Come, Holy Spirit, heav’nly Dove,
With all Thy quick’ning pow’rs;
Kindle a flame of sacred love
In these cold hearts of ours.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Taking them home to the Trees, Each a Leaf, Relative Peace!
Gratitude fills our hearts with joy every day, bringing us sustenance to go out and play. To bee (impossible flight of a dream) good children who know our way. Glory for another brand new day. Joy has arisen to fill our hearts again, the gratitude of the wind. The sky that holds us so close to the air, where God does blow in the winds. Let us walk into green grass fields, where the sun rises to tarry along, to offer us the night sky, to bellow the song to the stars. Here we know where we belong, where the "Cloud People" show us the way!

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Blessings for you, the sacred blue, the heart of me and you, as we bellow through the skies and we greet our hearts to know why! Because we are part of One Earth and Heaven is inside of you. I bless you safely when all is a pain, and I bless you to know all that is gain. It's me and you, the heart that sings, and it's time to let us in, the relatives who long to be near you, come let us hear a great big cheer! Thank you for your comments you offer us, to know you care, to share your heart! email to ask your questions for we never part, relative who is near!

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